Big Sister’s Birthday

Monday of this past weeks was my daughter’s birthday. She turned 13, need I say more??… She is every bit of acting like a typical 13 year old. Except, she didn’t want a birthday party. She refused to tell us what she wanted other than a DNA test to find out her ancestry. Yes, you […]

No Pedal Stool

I agree with this one, but if I hear you one more time “God picked you to be his parent and knew you could handle it.” I might just kick some teeth in. The fact is just like any other parent you don’t know what you are going to get. If you had a child […]

Summer Time

Jack officially ended is elementary career and will be starting middle school this fall. I am excited for him. This past week there was a end of year ceremony for the kiddos. Which we decided to try ¬†and see if he would get up on stage. Honestly, he did very well for Jack. He went […]

Financial Burden of Autism

Today I had a job interview for a second job to help us through the summer. Here is hoping that I get a phone call. I keep applying and applying and going to job fairs for full time position with my degree. I keep the substitute job to keep my network of people up and […]

Monday Rain

It has been raining most of the day. Which always makes me slow down and reflect. So, I have personally been rather quiet today. Which always allows space for Jack to communicate more with me. This afternoon we ran to the store to pick up a new pair of shoes for the King because he […]

Temple Grandin

I am going to totally nerd out for a moment. I got to see Temple Grandin speak. Temple in person. How amazing is that!!! She is so flipping amazing in my tiny little world. If you do not know who she is, google it! She has written numerous books, runs her own business’s, speaks all […]


The boy was up through the night last night. The night before he slept through so I cannot complain. There are lots of different topics about autism that have been rolling through my head. However, today I am extremely excited tomorrow I get to see Temple Grandin speak here in the big D area. For […]

Work & Insurance & Job Fairs

So, the humble abode this morning was actually uneventful. Those days I am grateful for! Jack got off to school without much fuss and so did my little sunshine. I am off today, when I should probably be working. I am a substitute teacher for several different school districts in the area. My life is […]


“Communication is not just about speaking or reading, but understanding what is being said -and in some cases what is not being said.” -Richard Branson What is not being said, is huge often. With the King that happens to be everything. How do we understand him? The king has become very good at his PECS, […]

Living with Autism

The King, this morning wouldn’t wake up. So, I had to get him dress in his room. Which I don’t like doing at all. We are working on potty training still, at 11. We always try to get him to sit on the toilet when we change him. However, we didn’t have time for the […]