Living with Autism

The King, this morning wouldn’t wake up. So, I had to get him dress in his room. Which I don’t like doing at all. We are working on potty training still, at 11. We always try to get him to sit on the toilet when we change him. However, we didn’t have time for the battle because he slept in so late. The last few weeks since the time change he has been very stubborn. I only have time to get clothes on him, his vest on and get him out the door for the bus. We take breakfast and his drink outside in hopes he will eat and drink before the bus comes. Today he got on the bus without much fuss, but he has been pretty mean lately to the assistant on the bus who buckles him in. He has been scratching and biting.

From the reports at school until he goes out for his first recess at 10 in the morning he refuses to work. He has been hitting, scratching, and biting. When I pick him up from school the last few times he has gone straight to his room without eating dinner and stays there for the night. Often, I will bring him food and his drink in his room. He hasn’t been taking his medicine because he hasn’t been eating or drinking much. So, for whatever reason we are going through that phase right now. Which is a regression most definitely.

It is one thing reading and putting the facts down straight forward like this, but what it is really like is totally different. The emotions and feelings behind it all. I wanted to escape from it horribly for a long time, but now I am just used to the routine. There is this knowledge that with taking care of the King in all of his bad days, there are amazing days ahead with him. Thought many times those are rare they are worth the bad days. When, I know I reach him. The real Jack, not the behavior. The horrible behavior is the symptom of something else going on. It is a matter of figuring that out. So, I just keep working on getting his medicine in him. The ritual of giving him a bath, I think of God washing the feet. While, I am not a super religious person by any means. I do believe in taking care of human beings and that my son deserves the best that I can provide. Even if that just means clean feet. He gets really dirty somehow every day. The king of crumbs. #mykingjack

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