Work & Insurance & Job Fairs

So, the humble abode this morning was actually uneventful. Those days I am grateful for! Jack got off to school without much fuss and so did my little sunshine. I am off today, when I should probably be working. I am a substitute teacher for several different school districts in the area. My life is changing constantly. The kids were sick several days this week and I am grateful for those weeks when I am a substitute teacher. I do not get in trouble for not working when I haven’t taken days to sub already. Which I feel like is a blessing for our family. However, it does lead to small pay checks and no health insurance. So, can I tell you this leads to many different issues in our house. I am looking for extra part time work in the evenings and weekends. Especially for this summer when I have several months of no pay at all.

These past several years I went back to school to get certified as a teacher. I am certified in art and I am taking the content for music this month. This past summer I finished up my Master in Education, curriculum and instruction. Needless to say I love learning and teaching. My background was originally in music. I have been teaching on and off for over 20 years. Mostly, private lessons in viola and violin. I have been substitute teaching for the last three years while I was in school too. This past year has been weird to only been teaching and no classes. Anyhow, I hope to land a full time position by this fall. We will see what happens. In fact, I have a job fair I am going to tomorrow. Maybe a new door will open for me. That is my hope!!!

Autism has lead me down a new career path that I would have never taken. Everything that I have done has revolved around the lives of my children since they were born. The sacrifices I have made have been absolutely heart wrenching at times. Yet, I know that my responsibility to my amazing kiddos outweighs my needs as an artist/musician. Somehow it has lead me down this path and for that I am grateful at the same time. I am still passionate about teaching and learning. In the past several years, my artwork as changed, progressed, and grown. I am so proud to be a mom as well.

Well, anyhow, here is hoping to the fact that I get a full time job and some health insurance for our family!!!

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