Monday Rain

It has been raining most of the day. Which always makes me slow down and reflect. So, I have personally been rather quiet today. Which always allows space for Jack to communicate more with me.

This afternoon we ran to the store to pick up a new pair of shoes for the King because he lost one of his shoes. Plus he needed new ones anyhow. Jack almost always has his helmet on. We have been working on getting it off his head. When we go out we must have his layers. The helmet, headphones, blanket, and today we have his toy guitar. Which always draws attention when an 11 year old boy wants to ride in the cart with his layers of protection with him. He was great!! Then the stares I get on getting him out of the cart because I can lift him no problem. He is at least 80 lbs. now. I need to work on him walking more and more through the store. He can, but after a certain point he will just sit or lay down and refuse to walk which is a bigger pain. So, the little battles are going to have to be fought another day.

We are home now and I am listening to it rain, the laundry run, star wars on tv, the toy guitar play, and girl singing in her room. This would be why I like to put my headphones on and forget the world.

When I have a moment and I need a lift up I read quotes on my pinterest. This one popped out at me. Rumi is a favorite of mine. This just seems fitting for my personal life outside of just being mom, like most people I have other things that I want to accomplish. There are times I have felt like the worst mom in the world for not devoting myself more to my children than I have. Yet, at the same time, what would I teach them if I didn’t go after my dreams too? That is what I say anyhow. They learn from watching as well.

I love the determination in this little one's stride. Somedays I feel like that, some days, not so much.:

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