Summer Time

Jack officially ended is elementary career and will be starting middle school this fall. I am excited for him. This past week there was a end of year ceremony for the kiddos. Which we decided to try  and see if he would get up on stage. Honestly, he did very well for Jack. He went up on stage and took his paper. What bothered him more was the loud roar of the crowd talking to each other. When everyone stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and were speaking. He wanted to run. His school is very much a place of high culture of doing what you are supposed to. So him running around the back of the gym would be highly noticed. He regulates himself by pacing. So, we left early so he wouldn’t be an interruption.

They had a video we missed, but they asked for baby pictures of Jack. This is when I think of how much has changed and how far along he has come. There was a time when Jack was school or he was in his room with me holding him. We couldn’t go anywhere else, period. He would beat himself and everyone else around him to a pulp. So, that he can sit and work all day at school is a feat in itself. My hope for him it so be able to do so much more, but at the same time I want to hold realistic goals for him.

Now it is summer time and we all in our summer time routine. My one goal for this summer is to potty train him. I believe he is ready and I am ready. Patience beyond patience is going to be required of me. I have read may different plans out there. The biggest thing is being prepared for the mess and forwards backwards movement of what it will take. At some point he will get potty trained.

This summer, is the first one in two years that I haven’t been in school. It is nice to actually have a summer break. While I will be working part time too and full time mom. That is it. Which I am grateful for some down time now and then.


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