Big Sister’s Birthday

Monday of this past weeks was my daughter’s birthday. She turned 13, need I say more??… She is every bit of acting like a typical 13 year old. Except, she didn’t want a birthday party. She refused to tell us what she wanted other than a DNA test to find out her ancestry. Yes, you read that right. She wanted to know her DNA…. My daughter, doesn’t have friends, she didn’t have a party, and is into Dr. Who. I have a 40 year old 13 year old. I love her, but she is emotional and moody. Her room is her save haven. She expects us to read her mind. Very much acts like a typical 13 year old, but the interests of an adult. She doesn’t want to have girls as friends, but she wants to hand out with the guys at school. She doesn’t identify with other girls her age at all. She hates clothes, makeup, and doing her hair. Her Autism makes her different for sure, but I also think that she is just different outside of the autism.

She has been asked to grow up fast too. That is because of her little brother. She amazes me sometimes. She cannot follow simple verbal instructions sometimes, but she keeps her grades up high at school. She has true splinter skills. Sometimes, I wonder what she will be like in 5 years, but I am glad she is still my little-ish girl at this point. She is growing up too fast. I am proud of how far she has come.

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