The boy was up through the night last night. The night before he slept through so I cannot complain. There are lots of different topics about autism that have been rolling through my head. However, today I am extremely excited tomorrow I get to see Temple Grandin speak here in the big D area. For those who don’t know, she has written ground breaking books on autism and has paved the way for people understanding autism on a new level. She is a very successful woman in the world of cattle. She has written about that life as well what it was like getting through life with having autism and how much people misunderstood her. It is absolutely fascinating to read her point of view of the world. I am absolutely excited to get to see her speak and hope to get the chance to let her know how thankful I am for her writing books that have helped me understand the king and sunshine.

Imagine being able to taste and hear color, rather than see it? The body needing pressure to regulate the senses. Imagine vertigo all of the time. Imagine all sounds being heard at once and not being able to filter out the differences. Feeling and not being able to explain what you are feeling. I am 100% sure the king has his senses all jumbled. He is just learning to separate them. Since he cannot speak his behavior says everything. We (the hubby and I) have figured out most of them, but there are times we are still at a loss.

So, I watched Julia a bit on PBS with a small clip that I saw on the internet. Julia reminds me of my sunshine. She is high functioning, but definitely gets lost with how to deal socially. I believe that her senses are overwhelmed at times too. She doesn’t share much of her world in that way with us. I give her space often to allow her to process things the way she needs to. Sometimes, I wonder if I am too laid back about what she does. Many people do not understand that she processes things differently. She is very intelligent and hides her disabilities to the best of her ability. There are some kids that have bullied her a bit this year. Which makes me very sad, she has a bright shiny personality. So, amazing that she is who she is. I hope that this doesn’t push her even more introverted like myself. She has an amazing imagination of this world.

Both of my kid’s are so different. It is like comparing oranges and apples.

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